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Roaches are just gross!

German roaches are most common in our area and are often mistaken for the Asian roach because their appearance is identical in every aspect with a few exceptions.

When you see ONE, that typically means there are HUNDREDS living in your walls - YUCK! Since every roach is born fertile and ready to breed. a single roach will lay up to 30 eggs and they multiply quickly. [maybe place a link here to info on the roach life cycle]

Don’t panic! Although German roaches can be difficult to treat, we know what we’re doing. One of the reasons why they are difficult to treat is because they are difficult to reach. They like to nest in appliances which can be difficult to get to - ovens microwaves, coffee pots, etc. Untreated German roaches can also follow plumbing lines into your home which gives them an internal highway through your house. No, thank you!

Treatment for German roaches often requires multiple visits to fully eliminate this intruder.