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Bees, Wasps & Hornets

Bees, Wasps, and Hornets


Bees, wasps and hornets can be scary!

Please do not try to treat these issues by yourself. Trying to treat bees, wasps or a hornet problem on your own may eliminate the insect and leave the larvae - not good! If not properly removed, the larvae invites other insects to come in for the honey.

But remember … honey bees are important to our ecosystems. We look to remove and relocate hives when possible to protect delicate honey bee communities. Our technicians will assess any issues and create the best plan for your situation.

Did you know that red paper wasps nests can house up to 30 wasps at a time? What?! These wasps are very territorial and aggressive when disturbed or if they feel their nest may be violated. You probably know that their bites/stings are very painful and can cause severe allergic reactions. They can even sting multiple times unlike the honey bee who can only sting once.

Wasps tend to nest in siding, eaves, and unsealed portions of a structure. This makes them difficult to detect. Our treatments will eliminate the possibilities of that happening.

Have you heard of carpenter bees? They cause damage similar to carpenter ants. Female carpenter bees will drill a perfect half inch diameter hole in wood siding or covered structures to lay their larvae and protect the larvae from the elements of climate and predators. The larvae then eats the wood at the beginning stages of their life. This can cause big problems. We have experience and will create a treatment plan to eliminate this threat!