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Fire and Carpenter Ants

Ants (Fire, Carpenter, Pharaoh)


Ants can be annoying and there many different kinds!

Luckily we have experience in treating fire, carpenter and pharaoh (sugar & grease) ants. Different ants require different treatments - we know the ins and outs!

Fire Ants

Fire ants can cause severe allergic reactions and be dangerous to humans. If you’ve ever had an ant bite you understand just how painful they can be. They can even leave scars! Unfortunately, fire ants tend to congregate in areas where families gather - play structures, porches and patios.

We offer year long prevention. A one time annual application is all you need to protect you and your family from these fiery pests!

Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants are a leading cause of damage to wood structures and can often be confused for termites as they have similar damage patterns. These ants will destroy wood for nesting purposes and can be equally as destructive as termites. Unlike subterranean termites, carpenter ants can do damage from multiple entry points. Yikes!

Carpenter ants are typically ground up and easier to spot than termites, but they are harder to treat. We work to locate the nests which can be difficult due to the distance they will travel to the wood they use to nest. They aren’t lazy! There are several different species of carpenter ants, but all can be identified and treated by our technicians.

Pharaoh Ants (Sugar & Grease Ants)

Have you heard of a Pharaoh ant? They got their name from the mistaken belief that they were one of the plagues of Egypt during the time of the Pharaohs. You are probably more familiar with their common name of sugar or grease ants. These ants are sneaky and because of their size they can get work their way into airtight seals, sealed chips, zipped bags, tombs and more! Since they are so small they often go unnoticed.