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The Bug Man

About Southern Pest Control

Owned and Operated by Father and Son


It all started when…

Hello! I’m John Spychai (Jr.), co-owner of SOUTHERN Pest Control and known by many around town as their Bug Man. It’s a pleasure to own and operate this company alongside my Dad, John Spychai, Sr.

SOUTHERN Pest Control officially began back in 1992, but my Dad has worked in the pest control business most of his life. His expertise and knowledge of bug and pest management is one of our company’s greatest assets.

So … how did I become the Bug Man you ask? Back in the late nineties, I was in the police academy and fulfilling my dream of becoming a police officer. Unexpectedly, my dad had a massive heart attack and stroke. After suffering from complications and several life changing medical issues that eventually put him on the waiting list for a heart transplant, he no longer had the ability to work on the business day-to-day.

There was no question or hesitation - I needed to step-in and take over the business while he focused on his health. I didn’t look at is a giving up on my dreams, I instead saddled up and embraced my new life as the Bug Man!

In 2001, he finally received a new heart, his health improved and he was able to return to work. I’m happy to say he still handles all of our scheduling today. After all my dad has been through, being able to work together is pretty awesome and something I don’t take for granted!

My dad and I have a shared passion for our clients. Our customers love that when they hire SOUTHERN Pest Control they work with one of us … not just a random technician they’ve never met. We’re excited to say that we have several third generation customers - so cool! Not only do we help our clients with their pest control needs, we are able to grow up with them and experience this crazy life together. It makes our job a true joy!