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Family Owned & Operated- Fighting Pests and Protecting Homes since 1992

We are a family owned and operated company and we are proud to call The Woodlands, Texas home for over 25 years! It’s been our pleasure to work with homeowners in this area for so many years. Being so familiar with this community and its environment allows us to apply our years of experience and knowledge to each pest control issue we face. Our work is warrantied and we promise top notch customer service … each and every time we visit your home. We hope to hear from you soon!

You Don’t Have to be Home!

Did you know that inside spraying is not necessary for maintenance? If there are specific pest problems, inside spraying might make sense. Effective outside spraying leaves you protected and gives you the freedom to go about your day. You don’t have to worry about cleaning up your house (we don’t mind messes!) or need to be home. It’s convenience we’re proud to offer!

Professional Pest Control Products are Better than Store Bought!

We are often asked why our treatment products are better than the chemicals you can buy yourself at a local retailer. Our professional treatments are better because most of the retail stock sits in warehouse and time depletes active chemicals. This will lead to less effective products. Even bug sprays have a shelf life!

Pest Control Services

Why is SOUTHERN PEST CONTROL different than those big bug companies?

  • Quarterly Treatments

  • Family Owned & Operated for over 25 years (that’s A LOT of bugs!)

  • Outside Only Options

  • Super Pet Friendly (We love dogs!)

  • ”Go Green” Products

  • Bug & Pest Humor

One of the BIG ways we are different is the fact that we recommended services and treatments every quarter … not just once a year. Did you know that the Environmental Protection Agency doesn’t even allow the use of chemicals that take more than 90 days to breakdown? (Fire ant treatment and termites are the only exception. Link to EPA information) So … that yearly plan you may have been sold isn’t working for you! It’s possible that you are going untreated for nine months out of the year. Not cool! Our program sets reminders you so you don’t have to worry about remembering to call for your next service. We’ll cover your bug and pests needs all year long!

We’ve been in the bug business for over 25 years and we’ve seen a lot of pest control scenarios. Since our company is small you’ll either work directly with John, Jr. for treatments or John, Sr. for scheduling. We think that’s pretty neat! This allows you direct access to the owners - both having a true passion for this business. They truly care!

We also offer just outside treatments. Not only are they just as effective, but they offer our clients the convenience of receiving pest control services without the requirement of being home. You don’t have to feel the need to clean the house before we stop by - we’ll just treat your house and yard from the outside.

The environment we live and work in means a lot to us. Having the ability to offer our clients “Go Green” options sets us apart. All of our chemicals are also pet friendly! Want to learn more about these “Go Green” options? Just let us know!

Bugs and pests problems can be stressful - we get it! We promise to offer a professional and effective experience, but we also hope to bring a little light to your issues. We have a ton of bad bug jokes that will definitely make you laugh … ok, maybe smile. Our clients are so important to us and we want to be your trusted bug advisor. But, we also want to provide a little comic relief and have an extra moment to enjoy a laugh or two together!


Roaches are just gross! German roaches are most common in our area and are often mistaken for the Asian roach because their appearance is identical in every aspect with a few exceptions.

fleas and ticks

Did you know that fleas and ticks are warm climate bugs? They travel with the wildlife present in our community (i.e. raccoons, possums, deer, birds).

mosquito control

Living in Texas forces us to deal with mosquitoes - there is just no easy way around it!

fire, carpenter, and PHARAOH ants

Ants can be annoying and there many different kinds! Luckily we have experience in treating fire, carpenter and pharaoh (sugar & grease) ants.


The good news is centipedes and millipedes can be handled with an outdoor treatment only! No need to waste your day waiting around for a technician.


Bees, wasps and hornets can be scary and can sometimes cause severe and life threatening allergic reactions! Please do not try to treat these issues by yourself.


Termites are destructive! They are one of the leading causes of damage to wood structures - your home, garage, barn, deck, etc.

Southern Pest Control is the best! John (the owner) is timely, efficient, and knows bugs. It’s so nice to have the same person spraying your home each and every time... he even remembers my dog’s name! We have been using him for over 13 years.
— T. Robinson



P.O. Box 7022
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(281) 363-0095 (ask for John)

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